Crack Injection

Slabtec offers a solution for all crack types, including foundation crack injection and waterproofing.


Slabtec appreciates the problems with the perception of cracks within concrete structures. Fortunately, when treated properly and quickly, the concrete cracks can become insignificant and barely visible. 

Slabtec offers a solution for all crack types, including foundation crack injection and waterproofing, to ensure the section capacity has been fully reinstated. 

We work with major suppliers for product selection to offer long-term results and our proven methodology to deliver a workable solution. 

Products include rigid epoxy resins, semi-rigid epoxy, cementitious grouts and polyurethane, and will vary depending on the application requirements. 

Cracks appearing in concrete structures are normal when exposed to both in-plane and out-of-plane loading. They directly result from the tensile strain capacity being exceeded by the tensile strains within the section. 

It is the design engineer’s responsibility to detail a concrete structure in a way that conforms with the crack control requirements of the national design standards, allowing the concrete to function as it properly should.

Why does concrete crack?

Cracking becomes problematic when the cracking has occurred as a result of:

  • Poor reinforcement installation
  • Reduced stress in post-tensioned tendons
  • Unisolated large areas exposed to axial tension
  • Incorrect design details
  • Overloading of the structure
  • Incorrect temporary works during construction
  • Issues with concrete placement and composition

“Cracking shall be limited to an extent that does not impair the durability or serviceability of a structure”  – AS3600 Concrete Structures.

 Slabtec’s consultants will quickly determine the causes and risks associated with cracking in your concrete structure and propose a suitable remedial methodology. 

Slabtec Crack Injection
Slabtec Crack Injection
Slabtec Crack Injection