ACT Hospital Helipad Strengthening Upgrade


The recent ACT Hospital Upgrade required repositioning the existing Emergency Helicopter landing site to an adjacent carpark slab. This required the capacity to be raised from the pre-existing carpark loads to satisfy the loading requirements for the new fleet of larger Helicopters servicing NSW and ACT hospitals.

Slabtec Pty Ltd was awarded the subcontract after assisting TTW with the design from a concept stage to a buildable solution which proved to be a very cost-effective and time-efficient detail using the Sika Carbodur system.

In this situation, 2,200 linear metres of Sika Carbodur S1214 were used with an additional 200 metres of Sika Wrap 230C fabrics and about 450kg of SikaDur 31/41 concrete epoxy repair mortars.

In this situation, Slabtec could only utilise a design that engaged the bottom of the slab as the floor above was occupied by the working carpark at the time and then would be followed by a Helipad.

The client wanted to avoid any systems for the top of the slab that would require an ongoing maintenance programme for the long protection of strengthening. Also, given the loading, any CFRP on top of the slab would’ve had no real benefit to the structure.

Slabtec’s approach was to utilise a combination of the Sika CarboDur and Fibre Wrap systems. Carbon fibre was placed in the tension zones under beams , and slab spans right through all the panels in the landing zone to pick up the necessary loads for this project.

Slabtec had a 4-week programme to complete, which we delivered to the client in just three weeks with no additional costs to the original contract value.

ACT Government

Manteena Pty Ltd

Taylor Thompson Whitting (TTW) ACT (Consulting Engineer)

  • Sika Carbodur S1214, 230C Fabric
  • SikaDur 31/41