Slabtec Coburg Residential

Coburg Residential Development


Slabtec’s client, ARC 3, took over the contract for the completion of the partially complete structure after the project’s original builder went into liquidation.

The structural engineer had requested a full forensic analysis of the as-built PT tendons and reinforcement, highlighting several deficiencies.

Slabtec strengthened the existing structure with CFRP and steel plates, crack injection with structural epoxies and provided vacuum-assisted grouting for a number of partially grouted PT tendons.


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic scanners were used to validate and document the as-built PT tendon and reinforcing bar positions.

Solution – What we do

Steel plates were bolted and grouted into the structure for an epoxy-free solution in a small number of fire-sensitive areas.

Where compromised by incorrectly installed PT tendons, the design capacity was restored using CFRP laminates rebated into the top slab surface and installed on the soffit in a direct stick approach.

Vacuum-assisted grouting of partially grouted tendons is an effective methodology for void minimisation.

The PT ducts were first located using our GPR scanners and then investigated to determine the extent of the voids.

A number of PT tendons were completely ungrouted, and others were partially grouted, where potential blockages presumably occurred without being rectified.