Slabtec Coburg Residential

Coburg Residential Development


Slabtec were engaged to design, document and install a CFRP-based strengthening system for a new mezzanine and plant loading for an existing conventionally reinforced suspended industrial slab.

The building was around 40 years old, and neither the tenants nor the owner had any relevant structural documentation.

The clients had considered other structural steel solutions, but these were expensive and intrusive.

The brief was also to remediate some extensive cracks in a critical area.


Key areas of the slab were first investigated to determine concrete depths as well as reinforcement sizes and spacings.

These were used to form the as-builts off which the strengthening design was based.

The design required CFRP strengthening to both the soffit and top surface.

As these CFRP laminates crossed cracks, they had to be injected with structural resins.


The main area of the slab, which required strengthening, also contained existing cracking.

The pics show the commencement of the application of the injection ports following surface treatment of the cracks to promote bond with the sealing resins.


Slabtec undertook Crack Injection and top surface treating before CFRP laminate installation.

When the CFRP installation was complete, a high-strength industrial topping was applied to the rebates.