Slabtec Sky One Melbourne

Sky One – Melbourne


Intertenancy stairs can be a stunning feature in high-end office fit-outs, and they are becoming increasingly popular among flagship tenants to increase communication and integration within their teams.

The Sky One project had a tenant requirement for an intertenancy stair while the project was under construction, but following the completion of the floorplate in question. The penetration was sensibly located with due consideration to the beam layout.

Being a post-tensioned floor system, the affected tendons were first truncated to ensure the remaining portions of the tendon function normally.


Slabtec undertook the strengthening design, documentation and installation, and a top-mounted CFRP system was used to address the negative moment deficiency over the beams.

The illustration shows the final topping of the tendon truncations, the CFRP laminates and an outline of the forthcoming penetration.

It also shows how the tendon truncations were positioned to avoid conflict with the CFRP laminates locally.



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