Sydney Opera House

Our scope at the Sydney Opera House comprised multiple speciality elements, including the following:
– Transfusable flat jacking of beams, columns and ties in over 20 locations. Transfusable jacking requires a temporary hydraulic system to be fully engaged using hydraulic oil. Once the monitoring of the temporary works is no longer required, the jacks are to be transfused with grout to become permanent.
– The installation of carbon fibre to beams, both soffit and top, direct stick, no rebating application.
– Multistrand post-tensioning installation, stressing and grouting in 20m beams.
– Stress bar installation in multiple elements, including a 20m temporary tension tie system.
All carbon fibre on-site was installed within a confined zip wall system to ensure no odour transfer throughout the ducting system.
Sydney Opera House
Taylor Construction Group


  • Flat Jacks
  • Sika CarboDur
  • Multistrand PT
  • Stress bar