At Interspan, we firmly believe in fostering collaborative relationships with our clients to identify and implement optimal solutions for their specific needs and projects.

Our approach revolves around customer-centricity, emphasizing partnership, innovation, and excellence.

As a result, we have established ourselves as a trusted and dependable partner for businesses worldwide.

Post-tensioned slab systems have been utilised successfully as a primary slab solution for over 50 years, and the Interspan slab post-tensioned system offers versatility and efficiency to all stakeholders in the building process.

Through effective design, post-tensioned slabs enable material and embodied carbon reductions versus a conventionally reinforced slab while maintaining the inherent benefits of concrete construction.

Reasons to use Post-Tensioned Concrete:
  • Increased clear spans

  • Thinner slabs

  • Lighter structures; reduced floor dead loads

  • Reduced cracking and deflection

  • Reduced storey height

  • Rapid construction

  • Large reduction in conventional reinforcement

  • Higher degree of crack control